Monday, 26 August 2013

Week Ahead Reading

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Monday 26th August

32 – Artemis of the Forest

This is a time for you to go into some kind of wilderness and wild place, whether this place is within you or out in the world. It is a time for you to become self reliant, quiet, stealthy, aware. You must take your place as a being who can survive and support yourself. You may see this is as a test or hardship, but it is a great moment of coming into your own power. You have your quiver, your arrows and bows, and the companionship of the animals, the hounds, the deer and the trees. You are able to take what must be taken for survival at this time. When you hunt, do so with honour. Eat what you have grown and create your own meals. This way you will grow in valour and connect more and more to the cycles of this world. The moon will shine on you as you hunt at night. You will tread softly. You will leave no tracks. You are in the sacred wild places, the nemetonas, and you are a strong, free, independent one.

Remember too that when you find this independence, that is when the great god, the king stag, Cernunnos, will come to you – the positive masculine will be drawn to you, as you have no desire to exploit him or trap him. You will then know a good father, a true man, a wild and intense boyfriend, a caretaker, a gentleman, and another will care for you for awhile.

1 – Wolf Moon

A clan brother or sister is watching over you while you change, so rest easy knowing how fiercely loved and loyally protected you are. While you change, you will be held and watched over by a guardian who will not let you down. You are in the moment of transformation. Your fears – that others will not understand who you really are when you show yourself and that you will be left vulnerable – are unfounded. Your greatest fear is that you may hurt others while you are changing so deeply.

The next time the moon is within three days of being full, either side, call on me to come to you. Call on your kind to come to you. With energy and confidence, know you can find your people and parts of yourself that have been near invisible, seemingly extinct. I will help you traverse the unseen, mysterious world, help you make sense of sensations you are having, and clarify psychic messages that you may be flooded with. I will help you see through a dreamscape into clarity, keep danger at bay, and help you to change without causing harm to yourself or others.

11 – Alice in a Sea of Tears

You have been through a very emotional time and have finally released your need to hold on. You have let go – or been let go of and the emotional aftermath has been overwhelming. You are about to see that your sadness can continue to create the rough waters that have thrown you about and that you will finally make it to shore. Now the challenge is to move on from this, with wisdom in place, without repeating what has led to this manifestation. You can do it, and by being more like the rat, with his neat, compartmental nature, and the crab with her hard outer shell for protection, you will come through this tough time. You are wiser now, less emotionally ready to be hurt, and far more capable of remaining yourself, even walking as you do in a harsh world. If you feel very alone, help is coming and will soon be with you. Although you may be feeling you have made a great mistake, given all this upheaval, in time you will know you have done exactly the right thing. Dry your tears. Help is here. Well done on making such an important change.

The first two cards I used the ‘Speaks’ section of the interpretation, for the last card I used the ‘Divination’ section – simply because it seemed like a good idea, especially since this is the first time I’ve worked with this deck.

This is the first time I’ve read with this deck, not sure I am as connected to it as I am with the Oracle of Shadows and Light. It’s an interesting reading, speaking of change and the courage to accept change, of being independent and being my own person. Artemis of the Forest speaks of the need for independence, of walking alone and being closer to nature, of embracing the wilder side of myself. As a green/hedge witch, this card does make sense. There is an element of independence and wildness that comes with walking the Green Path. The part about “Cernunnos, will come to you – the positive masculine will be drawn to you, as you have no desire to exploit him or trap him. You will then know a good father, a true man, a wild and intense boyfriend, a caretaker, a gentleman, and another will care for you for awhile”, is kind of strange in that lately I’ve been feeling drawn toward Cernunnos but not in the sense of wanting to work with him but more of what he represents – the wild places, the darkness within the forest, the strength of nature and the passion and sensuality he represents. I wonder who this man is, how he will come into my life and most importantly – will he look like Ronon from Stargate Atlantis (hehe had to say it).

The Wolf Moon card is a wildcard, it represents the wild nature of the wolf but the card itself also has an interesting message – I liken it to my hedge witch nature because it speaks of Allies and changing – of being the shapeshifter I suppose. Symbolically, within magic, the wolf means intuition, wisdom, learning and spirit, it also means learning to live with one’s self and to learn about our inner self and to find our inner strength and power. I think it also speaks of being vulnerable when one changes things in their life. I’m not sure what changes are coming for me or will be happening for (or to) me, but it seems somewhere along the line, spiritually at least, I will change and grow, in other ways, perhaps becoming more myself or the person who I am going to be. 

The last card, although at first glance seemingly negative, I think is more positive than at first glance. It reminds that I have to let go of things and that the things I have to let go of may pain me at first but will be better afterwards. I get this card, it reflects something happening lately, things I have had to come to terms with despite my hoping to the contrary, as well as recognizing that this past year (and a bit) has been immensely trying and emotional for me, parts of me still haven’t recovered, but I know that I will eventually and I have to walk with it and make it a part of me, being all of me (or remaining me) as the card says. 

It’s an interesting reading, certainly not what I was expecting, but the funny thing is, my parents were away for near on a week this past week, so I’ve been by myself – the longest I’ve ever been by myself and it took some adjusting to, not that I can’t take care of myself when they’re home but being alone, understanding who I am outside of the family unit, it is empowering – and at times terrifying (I watch too many crime shows) but it showed me that when I finally do make the move to my own home one day, I will be ready enough to handle it. The angle of the ‘wild and intense boyfriend’ is curious – wild sort of implies out there, but I am hoping it is in a way that is good – like being a Greenman or a Shaman or even the woodsy, nature type, intensity is fine as long as it doesn’t move over into controlling behaviour, unreasonable jealously or possessiveness. It looks like, overall, my life might just start getting interesting!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Mandrake Project Revamp

The Mandrake Project has fallen by the wayside since it's early inception last year, I've made a commitment to try and really get back into it, especially since two of my mandrakes have come back up and are doing wonderfully well. It is my determination to successfully grow Mandrakes but they can be notoriously difficult to germinate and grow. All Rare Herbs even have their germination difficulty as 'challenging'. For the Aussies, All Rare Herbs sell Officinalis and Autumnalis.

Here are my two babies!

I'm stratifying 3 kinds at the moment, Officinarum, Autumnalis & Turcomanica

The Turcomanica was given to me by a wonderful lady in the U.S who is as passionate about the Mandrake as I am (although I think she may be more so on account of she actually grows them and loves them - I'm starting over again, with the same passion.)

The Turcomanica is floating a little, I think this is because they are fresher seeds.

But I'm persistent, hopefully the other two kinds grow and stratify.

I've made some decisions about my journey on the Poison Path and how it relates to where I am now but that is a blog post for another time. I am so enthusiastic about my Mandrakes this time, I am hoping for a wonderful success rate.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week Ahead Reading

Monday 19th August

10 of Cups

Contentment, recognition, esteem, good reputation, security

This is the card of complete emotional contentment, incorporating family and personal achievement. Because there is recognition from others for this success, reputation and social well-being are also factors. Life has meaning and purpose, there is ongoing, permanent happiness rooted in the firm foundation of knowing what has spiritual value. This is the card of family, of blood ties, enjoyed and nutured, through love that is offered and reciprocated.

2 of Wands

Boldness, fulfillment, earned success, seeking a new challenge

This card usually depicts some one on the verge of making a momentous decision, investing heavily in seeing a personal vision become reality. There is an indication of taking a chance, but with careful deliberation. Here is where what is wanted is first defined, then action is taken to secure the goals. Although there may be conflicts or a period of uncertainty, success is on the horizon. As such, this is a card of success in a venture carried out with boldness and self confidence, and the formulation of subsequent new aims, while anticipating the fruits of the current labour.

10 of Swords

End of present troubles, proven ability to defend ideas, fresh start

This card is often depicted with a body that has swords stuck into the back. At first glance, the scene is horrible, but the image literally expresses the idea of turning one’s back on troubles. This is a cutting of losses and moving on card. With impartial and careful deliberation, an unpleasant situation is assessed, and a problem is solved or allowed to take its own course fore the present. There is finality, an ending or conquering of troubles. The ability to succeed will be tested and surmounted after an initial fear of failure. Through courage and willpower, things will improve, and there may be an extreme change in a person’s life. Wisdom is also implied, for one learns lessons through the lessons of life, and things will improve after this period passes.

Well, at first glance I feel like the cards are back to front, but perhaps the message is that things don’t always happen in the ascribed order and things must be left to develop as they will. You know, when I took the deck in hand before shuffling, the word ‘death’ came to mind and this quite literally terrified me because my parents are going on a trip, but pulling the last card with the phrase ‘Through courage and willpower, things will improve, and there may be an extreme change in a person’s life’, I think.. no, I believe this means that like the Death card, there is changes coming, a transforming of circumstances that are for the better, given this message I am putting my initial fears to bed. Plus I’ve never been overly intuitive in that fashion (word and visions to mind) so I’m easing out of panic and into normal breathing. 

The first card – the ten of cups – is generally a positive card, the image is gorgeous – of the bees with the plump berries pollinating, sharing the fertility around and making sure things grow. This card is really all about seeing achievement, of gaining success in life, love and prosperity. I am happy with this card; I think it fortells of a time of happiness, love and contentment which is always wonderful. And welcome.

The two of wands intrigues me, I’m not one who is overly bold or willing to run forth and face challenge with confidence and a sure will. I’m quite lazy to be honest, but I do enjoy giving myself challenges – small ones. Perhaps I am required to elevate my confidence up a notch and go for something bold and different, to really push forth and and embrace the ideas buzzing in my brain. Much like the owl on the card, great vision is needed to see what can’t be seen at first, it can see in the dark and represents the beauty and also the predatory part of nature, of the world. I need to look beyond what is in front of me to see what can’t be seen. The Owl is a bird of wisdom, self-truth, and vision, sacred to Athena – maybe I need to embrace my inner warrior goddess.

As mentioned, the ten of swords gave me quite the fright, no one ever wants to see that kind of card when things are afoot but taking away the fear, this card represents change, of letting things go that no longer serve, of cutting losses like it states. Change inevitably follows the letting go and moving on of things in life. In the card you see this giant spider with all her little spiders moving forward thus adding to the great web of life, facing the world and finding their place in it. It’s a lesson everyone needs to learn I suppose. Maybe before things get wonderful, things get rocky, such is life and such is the experience of life. I’m now not feeling as though this card is a harbinger of doom but more a harbinger of things to come.

It’s an interesting reading overall, like I said, it almost feels like the cards are in reverse, like the elements of the ten of swords should come before the ten of cups but things may have to happen in a different order or perhaps it is just part of the whole situation – there is happiness and love ahead but tough decisions need to be made, some which may change things in my life completely and challenges me, but this needs to happen in order to move forward and find the contentment, security and success that could lie ahead.

Card info from Tarot for the Green Witch – an absolutely phenomenal tarot book by Ann Moura – the deck I used only came with a lwb.

Signs of Spring

There are signs of Spring everywhere in the garden at the moment, although I think that winter is going to give it one last hard push as we near the end of August.


Bed of Calendulas

Yellow Calendula

Almond tree leaves/blossoms

Almond Blossoms

More Almond Blossoms

Purple Flower (not sure what it is)

Some sort of native (again mysterious plant in the garden)

Banksia Rose



Santa Rosa Plum

Apricot Blossom

Yellow Nectarine

Old Fashioned Peach

Oak beginning to sprout

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Business of Being in Business

This is not a rant nor will I be naming names for the sake of keeping any sort of on going drama tightly lidded, however I want to address something that I’ve experienced and how I perceive to impact the overall wellspring of online retail.

I purchased an item from an online seller, some one who I thought I knew well enough to purchase from. I read their blog, watched their YT vids and corresponded through email with them. I felt comfortable enough to buy something I had wanted for awhile; unfortunately I learned a hard lesson. The item I purchased never came, subsequent messages promised the posting of said item, followed by an email explaining to me there was personal upheaval in the seller’s life and therefore may take a little extra time (of this I was perfectly understanding, life happens and there’s not much to be done), followed by other messages promising all sorts of ridiculous extras that were ‘apologies’ for the lateness of the purchase. I knew it was crap, who adds extras exceeding the value of what you bought? No-one.

Cut to nearly 9 months later and my purchase has not appeared, messages were never answered and I soon discovered that I was not the only person who had suffered at the hands of this seller. As it turns out, this seller had scammed quite a few people out of their money and in some cases, purchases over two hundred dollars. Measures were taken to try and get our purchases, promises recently made are yet to manifest as truth but we shall see. Personally I’m not holding my breath, I don’t think I’ll see my purchase and honestly, I don’t think it will be the last time people will suffer at the hands of this particular online retailer.

I’ve been in business in one form or another for several years and I would never dream of scamming anyone. Truth be told, I’ve never had any issues, one could argue I’ve been lucky, but that is simply not it. I’ve understood that my business is based on customer service and word of mouth; online you can’t afford a bad review because it’ll be the end of you. It only takes one person to have a bad experience and it becomes what you’re known for, whether it is the truth or not. Do it to more than one person and you can kiss your online career goodbye. There are several key points I’ve come to understand, through experience, as important – one must live up to them if they want success.

Reputation is Key

Reputation is everything. Simple as that. Without it you’re done. It takes awhile to build one up, as it does with anyone, if you keep yours good, you’ll do well but if you screw over your customers and treat them badly, you’ll soon learn that it is very hard, if not impossible, to recover. When customers buy from me, I always send a message with tracking informing the customer of when their item is shipped. If they make multiple purchases from me, I always add in an appropriate bonus to say thank you. This makes customers think positively of you and return. Once you lose your reputation, you may as well walk away because it is, as mentioned, nigh on impossible to get it back.


Be honest with your customers and about the products you are supplying. No one wants to get something and find out it is far removed from what was promised nor do people want to end up hearing empty lies and ridiculous stories. The seller I have written about did this, the thing is, the story was never kept straight so several of us ended up with very different accounts of why our purchases never materialized.


A rare commodity these days, integrity is key. It’s not hard to develop it and use it within your business. If you don’t have integrity, you’ll soon be found out. You’ll be known as a shady person.


Always ship your orders in a timely fashion. I have a 2 day handling on my parcels, simply because I live quite rural and the nearest post office to post things is well over 20km away. However, even if it is going to be 48 hours, and this is clearly stated in my policies, I still contact the customer and inform them of whether or not I will be posting within 24hrs of payment. It’s just polite and it makes the customer feel as though you are making an effort – which you should be.

The thing about being in business is that it really requires very little effort to be an effective, honest online retailer. Thinking ahead you can build a loyal and friendly customer base that enjoys your service, product or whatever it is you sell. This is why I have no patience toward sellers who take their time or treat you as the aforementioned experience did. I was quite angry at the seller for a long time because I felt, as an online retailer myself, that it is not that difficult to do your job – especially if it is one you chose for yourself. As a seller I was offended that another would be so callous and disingenuous and quite frankly, fraudulent. Even if I get my purchase, this far down the line it will not change my opinion of this retailer and should anyone ever ask me if I’d heard of them, I would be honest about my experience, because no one should be taken advantage of and ripped off. No one should be scammed, lied to or treated as a fool.

As a business owner, it is important that your customer have a positive experience, it’s essential to your livelihood. It never pays to be a horrible online retailer, and it doesn’t actually take much effort to be a fantastic one.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Week Ahead Reading

Monday 12th August

Using the Faeries Oracle

61 - G Hobyah

Unusual Hazards, Realistic Caution

It is time to look for the truth behind our fears, to distinguish between what is real and what is just our projection of old traumas and fears into our imaginary future. By delving into our old patterns, we can see past them to a more liberating life. Only by facing these fears honestly and seeing them for what they are do we gain greater ability to open our hearts to the Singer of Courage and gain in strength to face the really difficult challenges in our lives. Each false fear confronted and resolved makes us much stronger.

40 – Honesty

Honesty, Compassion, Tact, Self Deceit 

Honesty in a reading speaks, unsurprisingly, of the need for straight dealing and truth in representation. We need to be scrupulously honest here, making certain that there is no room confusion or misunderstanding, no fuzzy edges. Both written and verbal agreements need to be completely clear. Assumptions may not be as well understood by all parties as we are assuming and they need to be tested for comprehension. 

On a personal level, Honesty reminds us not only to be clear in what we say and do, but also to act and speak with compassion and tact. Brutal honesty is not usually true honesty at all, but somehow slanted toward the worst. Dishonesty, even in the name of tact, is not helpful either. Balancing on that fine line of loving honesty may take some effort but will provide rich rewards. Honest humility, idealism and clarity of mind are some of the advantages of honesty.

42 - Myk the Myomancer

Small Clues, Details, The messages everywhere, Patience

Attention to details is important at this time. Little things are not only important in themselves, but they also give you important information about larger things. Look for the inner, hidden meaning in ordinary objects, happenings and experiences. Life is trying to teach you something by speaking to you gently. With luck and application you will get the message before it has to speak to you more loudly.

Body language in humans as well as in mice may give you very useful information at this present time, especially if you learn to read it properly. The clues to the answers you seek and the things you need to know are all around you. You are surrounded by omen, portents and signs, but the signs are not written on billboards in large letters. They are in the small happenings of your life. Be awake and aware. Hint: If you work out what the question really is, it is much easier to recognize the answer when it comes.

This is a different sort of reading, on the outset it doesn’t make much sense to me but if I take the ‘starter reading’ as it is referred to in the book and apply to my current life, I get the general gist of the reading. I do have fears, fears that I have never really faced and fears that impact my life. I fear failure, I fear not succeeding and in general I fear not living life to my satisfaction. I also fear being alone but not in the sense that I feel unloved, but more so that the things that hide in the dark will close in on me. (Yes I watch way too many crime shows). Looking at the card, he is, appearance wise, quite a scary looking fellow but beneath it all I think he is actually a lovely fellow, people fear him because he is not ‘cute’, he fears people turning from him, rejection and to a degree I also fear rejection as I move forward into a new phase of my life. He is wild, with his horns, he is almost a representation of the Horned God, the darker aspects of the wood and the wild nature we often hide from. His lesson I think is too face your fear, your dark woods and embrace the wild nature within, kicking the fears to the curb where they belong. 

The Honesty card is an interesting one, I wouldn’t say I have a problem with honesty but it’s alright to check in with ourselves once in a while and see if we are living our lives honest to who we are. I also think it means that as I embark on a new phase it is important to keep things in check and not let yourself get carried away with exaggeration or overstating. Honesty in life, love and business is important and it is key to remember that. I suppose too, it reminds us to be honest with ourselves; we are our own greatest critics and our own greatest fantasists.

Myk the Myomancer reminds us that everything is connected, the signs, the answers to our questions are out there, but we have to ask the right one. Currently I am exploring new avenues spiritually, emotionally and in life. I constantly question myself and Myk is telling me I know the answer, I just have to see the signs. Everything is important, big or small and to treat them the same way keeps you in balance. Contemplation is important so it is something to consider.

Overall it does flow together and I understand it more accurately. Essentially my Faery friends are telling me to understand and let go of my fears, to be honest with myself and to pay attention to the small details as well as the larger ones. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Grow Your Own Drugs

There is a show I love called ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’, I have both seasons on dvd as well as the Xmas special and both books and it was what inspired me to begin really walking and exploring the herbal path. It’s really simple, homey but effective herbalism and the kind of herbalism I want to practice.

Here are some episodes from the first season to check out on YouTube if you’re interested: 

Clarifying Life Goals

It has been a time of contemplation, of going deep within myself and discovering myself, understanding myself and trying to understand my purpose (which is why I've been relatively quiet on my blogs). This was what the darker part of this year was for me. And I made some interesting discoveries about myself and the direction I want to take my life.

I’m a loner, I prefer my own company and I am unapologetic about it. I generally prefer not to be around people if I can avoid it, and although I am not an empath (at least I don’t think I am) I do get affected easily by others energy. I believe this has come because after a long bout with various illnesses a few years ago, my Self is more open. To this day, if I come into contact with some one who has a slight bug, I’m down for up to a month at a time. I don’t do people very well, I do want to start my own coven but this kind of interaction would not be a constant. I’ve never been the social type, and I will never be the social type; I prefer the company of my cats and books. It is probably why I prefer to study instead of having a proper job, people affect me too much.

As I mentioned, one direction I do want to take my life is to create a Circle or Coven, I’m not sure how to go about this as all attempts thus far have not been particularly successful but I have hope. This is important to me, because although I am admittedly anti-social at the best of times, I still want to meet others and build a working community of those who practice under the Pagan Umbrella. I like being a solitary witch, but I think on occasion it would be nice to be able to have a chat and do some workings with others of like mind.

I am passionate about my herbs and about my Craft and I want this to be my life’s work. I have this idea of being the Village Wisewoman, the person that – in times past – people would go to for remedies, herbal treatments as well as magical workings like spells, potions and readings. I feel as though this is my calling, this is where I am meant to be and who I am meant to be. It’s not going to be obviously the most financially prosperous option but I plan to supplement my income with online ventures. I would love to open a shop but I don’t know how well received that would be, especially since up this way most places are fairly religious minded. I have a dream to be this person, I’ve yet to fully realise how this could happen – I am in the early planning stages trying to figure out how to make my dreams work.

Life is short and I want to spend mine happy, doing what I love not being a slave to the system and working just for money. I’m blessed to have a very supportive family – this I know, so it will help because they support me in my dreams and ideas. I don’t know what I would do without them. I am most happy when working my Craft and working with my herbs and I can’t see myself going back to working for some one else (my health issues would likely impact my job prospects) but I have to make this work. I am working on recipes, tentatively, as a herbalist and as a witch – hopefully these two loves can be combined into a flourishing practice, I am confident in myself – I have to be otherwise I will let doubt creep in and I will fall at the first hurdle.

I am continually growing my herb supply; I am now trying harder to grow them myself. What other way could I do it?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Week Ahead Reading

Monday 5th August

Using the Wildwood Tarot

Nine of Vessels – Generosity

It can be easy to forget, when we reach the pinnacle of our prowess, power and security, that life is cyclical and what we enjoy during the times of plenty are the products of previous toil and effort. Just like the wise farmer, we must manage good fortune by planting seeds for the future and by helping those facing hard times. This generosity will always come back to you a thousandfold if it is gifted with selfless good will and a common humanity. To recognize and acknowledge that you are merely a conduit for this abundant enriching blessing, and to let it flow through and into others’ lives, allows your good fortune to circulate and your positive momentum to carry others with you. By freely giving of your time, support and energy, the blessing of the divine surrounds you. In this cynical and material world, such things may seem to have little value, but those who have experienced the process in their own lives understand that, in the words of Theodore Rubin: ‘ Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom’.

2 – The Seer

The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you. Many dreams or desires related to the creative emotional process are ready to be applied in your day – to – day life and you must now give vent to those hidden or suppressed longings. This may also relate to healing, sexual relationships or partnerships. Now the manifestations of inner spiritual or esoterics insights into your practical and physical daily life will bring profound rewards and results. It is a sign of maturity. The Seer also relates to creative impulses such as art, mechanical skills and crafts, the joy of bringing pleasure and knowledge to others.

Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life

The concept of the material world as a solid, unchanging thing has evolved with our understanding of the cosmos. Human beings seem unique in their ability to interact with the material world and yet have a foot in the otherworld of the mind, imagination and creative will. To be connected to the Earth and the power that resides there allows us to draw from this primal source and direct the power of our minds to create changes in our world. The concept that the realms of matter and the realms of the mind are totally separate and detached is now outmoded and verifiably untrue. The primal rock is decorated with ancient cup – and – ring markings to express the emergence of creation and the cycles of energies within the universal consciousness and the still and stable point from which to plan and empower your life, fulfilling your material dreams.

This is an interesting reading, positive, which is always nice. The Nine of Vessels had me stumped for a minute, I tend to think of myself as generous, I’ve always been told that I am. Of course I am as selfish as anyone else sometimes too. I refer to myself as ‘conditionally selfish’ which is perhaps not in the spirit of open generosity or kindness, however I do give my time to people should they need it. I think the lesson ahead for the week is to perhaps keep this in mind, maybe it is something I need to work on, especially as I progress forward in my career as a herbalist and in my personal path as a witch which often crosses over with my professional/career path.

The Seer is my favourite card, or at least one of my favourite cards. She stands over a cauldron of knowledge and pushes you to face your inner power and strength. I am taking steps to create a curriculum of sorts for myself to really begin to embrace my spiritual path and grow as a witch, herbalist and healer. To think that this could be ‘proufoundly rewarding’ is exciting and frightening at the same time, but I am looking forward to this new sector of my journey. Could be very interesting.

The last card is also fascinating because it ties in nicely with the other two whilst also delivering its own independent message. To know that my wishes, my dreams have every option of coming true with focus and clarity is making me very happy. There are things I have always wanted to achieve but as time goes on you begin to wonder if you can. This reading gives me hope that in the coming week I will begin to embrace my dreams and hopefully manifest the life I am hoping for.

I like this reading, it is reassuring to know that good things are out there, but also that I am moving in the right direction. Combining the lessons and messages of the cards shows me that spiritually and in practical life, all things are possible. Dare to dream and the dream will become reality.

Interesting Post on Wisewomen

I came across this by way of Facebook I believe but found it to be really interesting: