Friday, 13 December 2013

Twenty Five Questions

Ariadne at Cauldron and Brew had this questionnaire - and although I've been relatively quiet on my blog (not ready for full time posting yet) - I thought I would answer it because its kind of a fun questionnaire.

What Do You Call Yourself?: At its most basic? A Witch, most definitely not Wiccan. The lengthier: Green Path Hedge Witch, animist.
Using Common Terms, Describe Your Path: Green, Hedge, Herb based.
Do You Draw from a Particular Path, Not Your Own, Frequently?: Sometimes, I've sort of created my own so that works for me.
Any Path Intimidate You?: Not really, no, though Ceremonial Magic seems way too much effort to bother with.
Favorite Herb: I'm a herbalist, I don't have just one.
Favorite Gemstone: Don't really work with them as such but I suppose amethyst or obsidian if I had to pick.
Favorite Divination Tool: Tarot and Oracle cards.
Favorite Tools: Herbs and candles.
Favorite Sabbat: Mabon (I was born near it).
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Pagan Book: I don't particularly have one, being a book nerd I have lots.
Favorite Book with Pagan Themes: Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop.
Favorite Myth: Don't really have one to be honest.
Patron God/dess: Don't work with deity. (That's not to say I don't believe they exist, I just choose not to work with them).
Other Aligned Deities: See above.
Favorite ‘Pagan’ Saying: “True magic is neither black, nor white - it's both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time.” Lirio – The Craft
Most Commonly Used Offering: Herbs.
Believe in the Rede?: No. (See Q1).
Meditate?: Hmmm, I try.
Magic?: Yes.
If Yes to 20, Dark Witchcraft, Light Witchcraft, or In-between?: What Lirio said.
Solitary or Coven Member: Solitary.
What Forms of Social Media Do You Use as a Pagan?: Blog, Forums, occasional Facebook use.
If I Wasn’t Pagan/Wiccan, I Would Be…: Atheist, probably still a herbalist.

© Ariadne Woods

PS: Anyone who answers these questions, can you please comment with a link to your answers so other people can read them? (Over at Cauldron and Brew) Thanks a bunch!